Liquid Facelift-Treatment

Liquid Facelift-Treatment

The other scientific name for liquid facelift- treatment is rhytidectomy. A facelift is a cosmetic surgical procedure that helps your skin to look younger. It also helps in the smoothness of the skin of the cheeks and jawlines.
During the procedure, tissues between the skin are altered, and excess skin is removed. And facelift treatment gives the face a more youthful shape.
The neck lift treatment is done as a part of a facelift, and it reduces the sagging skin and fat from the neck.
Only the liquid facelift treatment will tighten the skin and it won’t correct damage from sun exposure, such as fine lines and wrinkles.
Other specific treatments are available for other cosmetic procedures and can only help you to treat the other cause.

What time is suitable for Liquid Facelift-Treatment?

The face’s look and shape change with age, and the skin become looser. It is very tough to snap back easily.
Facelift treatment addresses these age-related changes.
● The appearance of saggings on cheeks.
● Too much skin at the lower jawline.
● folded skin from the sides of the nose to the corner of the mouth.
● Excess fat in the neck and sagging skin.
Creases around the upper lips and nose or uneven skin color can not be corrected under facelift treatment.

How should you go for the facelift treatment?

First, you need to talk with a plastic surgeon or dermatologist about a facelift. It must include the following on visit-
● Discuss past and present medical conditions if any on the skin.
● Provide the prescription of drugs and medications that you are taking regularly.
● Ask about the bone structure examination if done because the examiner will suggest you the best treatment.
●Keep in mind to ask every question related to facelift treatment because it will likely change your look.

Precautions to be taken before treatment

Follow medication direction
● Wash your face and hair
● Avoid eating
● Arrange for help during recovery

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