Anti-aging treatment

Why Anti-aging treatment?

Anti-aging treatment is commonly performed or designed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin. These treatments have been specifically designed to perform on the body parts that help to reduce the earliest signs of aging As we age, Internal and external changes causes make changes in our skin. And our skin reflects the most visible changes.

Signs of Anti-Aging & Its treatment?

Open pores and wrinkles

Loss of collagen leads to the loss of elasticity in the skin and makes the skin thin. It happens because of textural changes in aging.

Similarly, due to changes in tone, skin becomes less capable of holding moisture skin becomes dry. Both these changes cause the appearance of prominent large pores and facial creases.

Volume loss

Immediately, the skin significantly leads to sagging and hanging down in folds due to subcutaneous fat or fat layer.

Fat loss cause different look like hollowing around the eyes, flatter cheeks bony hands, and many more. With aging treatment, you can solve all these problems as per your aspects.

Pigmentary changes

An increase in the size of some melanocytes increases the age spots, and sun spots show more visible changes and skin thinning underneath because of pigmentary changes.

Dull Skin

When the ability and production of new cells on the skin cells get slowed down to replace- dead cells lead to skin ages.

Therefor, dead tissues make the skin look rough, dull, and lackluster. To tackle all the discussed problems, We have come up with an anti-aging treatment.

Professional Anti-Aging Treatment.

Aging is inevitable, but you can minimize the signs with proper aging treatment, and guidance so that your skin looks younger and flawless.

Above all, the best dermatologist Dr.Geeta Gera customize the perfect solutions as per your skin concern that treats the sign of aging and give effective results;

Laser Toning

This treatment is a precise procedure that works by breaking the pigment cells that cause age spots, dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone to
reveal a flawless complexion using a laser beam to rejuvenate dull skin and improve your skin safely.

Botulinum Toxin Injection

Bacteria clostridium botulinum is a protein derivative injected into facial muscles to relax and help to reduce the appearance of dynamic wrinkles.

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