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I am very pleased with my skin results.
Highly recommended

-- Kamal Chandari

What Our Customers Say

The following are a small selection of the testimonials we have received  over several years of successful results achieved by patients using Dr Geeta Gera's treatment and products. In no way have these comments been solicited, asked for or paid for.  Reference made by the patient is their own subjective comments.


  1. " I came in for smooth beam treatment for acne and acne scarring. After the first treatment, I noticed a reduction in both the existing acne as well as any new breakouts. By my third treatment, I noticed a change in my scarring as well. After 5 treatments, I noticed a pretty significant change in my scarring and I am very pleased with my results." - Highly Recommended, Kamal Chandari
  2. " Thank you so much doctor for the excellent work. You did last week cutting off those pesky skin tags on my face, neck & back. It was my mom and my husband who wanted me to have that done and now that it is. " - You are the best, Neha

  3. " I am very pleased with the results obtained by the treatment I received in Dr Geeta Gera Clinic. I had hundreds of white and clear facials growths(Milia) for several years, some as big as 2.5mm and previous treatment had failed. After 3 almost painless, 15 minutes of laser
    treatment, 90% of them are gone." Highly Recommended, Ragini

  4. " I was suffering from Acne for the last 12 years. I have seen Dr Geeta Gera four times in the past 8 weeks Dr Geeta's treatment of my face and neck has tremendously effective. I would recommend Dr Geeta Gera as an excellent and kind doctor."  - Highly Recommended, Rohit Gupta

  5. " I have known Dr Geeta Gera for many years. she is conscientious and has done an excellent job treating me for white patches." - Excellent Service, Roopali

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